A Survey On Organisational Strategy

A Survey On Organisational Strategy

Indeed, strategists do not occupy only corporate executive floors and management consulting firms. Nowadays, business unites, production sites, sales and marketing departments, as well as Shared Service Centers and other internal organisations define own strategies. And, they are able to meet often very ambitious goals. In a perfect word, all those individual strategies within an enterprise are fully aligned with each other.


In reality, all that is not really easy. Certainly, defining a winning strategy in clear and concrete terms is hard. Yet, turning it successfully into a reality seems to be even tougher.


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“Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.”

Larry Bossidy

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About the Author:

Iveta Gruttner, founder of the Business Excellence Academy

Iveta Grüttner

Iveta is passionate about business transformations and about enabling continual improvement cultures benefiting to everyone. She is an experienced management consultant, change agent and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Sensei (Coach).

Strategy Workshops

As we speak, you might be working on the 2020 Strategy for your organisation. Do you plan to create a strong winning strategy with your team, and successfully turn it into a reality?

Then; our Actionable Strategy Workshops are here for you to explore! Working closely with you and your team, we help you prepare an effective strategy workshop, and facilitate it for you.

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  • Deliver results which matter
  • Define an inspiring vision and a winning strategy jointly as a leadership team
  • Align entire organization towards a clear common strategic ambition
  • Specify concrete strategic initiatives and commit to them
  • Turn the strategy into a reality soon
  • Concentrate on your strategic journey while using an external facilitator
  • Have fun

We tailor the Strategy Workshop to your needs, and
help you to prepare and create a strategy
which does get successfully done!

 “In reality strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” 

Jack Welch

Strategy Courses

Would you like to facilitate a strategy workshop for your organisation, or to create actionable strategy for your program or a transformation?

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