Lean Six Sigma Education

Coaching And Mentoring

Lean Six Sigma has been using coaching and mentoring to support effective learning since more than half-century. The primary objective in Lean Six Sigma coaching is to learn how to effectively apply this advanced methodology in real-world situations. Despite the wide application of Lean Six Sigma, every project or program has its uniqueness, and it is necessary to apply appropriate tools and methods to solve a particular problem on hand in the most optimal way for a given team.

Why coaching

Using the Lean Six Sigma methodology is like painting a picture. There area many colours available, and not all of them used every time. For a beautiful picture the painter will select a certain combination of colours to make his or her work looks great.

Choosing colours from a range of options to reach excellence. Similarly the coach assist the Black Belt or Green Belt coachees to select the best effective tools and methods on Lean Six Sigma projects

Lean Six Sigma has its colours in the rich variety of tools, methods and techniques. Lean Six Sigma project leaders wisely select from all the methods those techniques which fit best their project topic, project team, available data or a problem on hand. Some tools are incorrect for certain situations, other might be not necessary for the given topic.

Lean Six Sigma coach assists you to learn how to select appropriate “colours” (the tools, methods and techniques) for various Lean Six Sigma projects. He or she will help you to become a great Lean Six Sigma project manager, teacher and coach.

In coaching we will work towards
your specific professional goals, and
adjust our joint activities to it.
Here are are some examples of
how business coaching might look like.

coaching objectives

  • Help you succeed in your job
  • Advance your project and program management competencies
  • Prepare for your Lean Six Sigma certification, a recognition in a high demand on the market worldwide
  • Lead effectively high performance teams
  • Build trust and commitments
  • Deliver successful projects and programs, and see your improvements being sustained long after the project closure
  • Master a structured problem solving approach with intermediate problem solving tools and methods
  • Create value and process improvements with bottom-line financial results

what a coach does

  • Is your sparing partner
  • Shares with you practical tips and tricks
  • Helps you uncover possible tough questions prior to your project review, so you are well prepared to shine
  • Asks questions to help you discover your own most optimal way
  • Discusses with you options
  • Advises you when you use an incorrect methods, and explains what tool should be used when, why and how
  • Provides you with a feedback, including a critical one
  • Teaches you additional new tools and techniques if they might fit with your problem on hand best

typical coachee:

  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Executives interested in Lean Six Sigma or in business excellence for their organizations
  • Cross-functional project and program managers
  • Process architects
  • Leaders of various transformation programs

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

 — Tim Gallwey


  • Works currently on a project or is otherwise actively engaged with a business transformation, Lean Six Sigma deployment or other strategic topic

For Lean Six Sigma Coaching: 

  • Participates or participated on a Lean Six Sigma education program


We currently provide coaching sessions in the  following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Czech

Coaching packages:

We offer the following coaching packages. You can book a coaching package that suits you best together with your Lean Six Sigma course or separately. 

We offer 10% rabat for booking coaching sessions together with a Business Excellence Academy class. When you register for a Lean Six Sigma course, you can select the coaching package of your choice while booking your training. 

Six Sigma basic coaching package with remote business coaching sessions
  • 10 hours remote coaching
Lean Six Sigma standard coaching package with remote and face-to-face business coaching sessions
  • 15 hours remote coaching
  • 1 face-to-face coaching day
Six Sigma premium coaching package remote and in person
  • 20 hours remote coaching
  • 2 face-to-face coaching days




All prices are VAT and travel costs exclusive.

For coaching packages ordered together with a Business Excellence Academy Lean Six Sigma course applies a 10% discount.

Coaching sessions must take place within the time period of 12 months since your order or since the first day of your Lean Six Sigma class.

If you are not happy with your coaching, you can cancel it after your fist session. Please note that there might be charged a non-refundable fee of €150 or its equivalent.

Book your coaching package
together with our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt,
Black Belt or Master Black Belt course,
and get 10% off!

Lean six sigma courses:

Would you like to boo your coaching package together with a Lean Six Sigma course to with a 10% discount? Than; select a course of your interest, and choose your desired coaching package while applying for the class.

leads smaller projects or/and participates as team member on Black Belt projects

leads cross-functional Black Belt projects, runs workshops, and coaches Green Belts

leads Lean Six Sigma Programs, trains, coaches and mentors Lean Six Sigma across levels

Meet your coach:

Iveta Grüttner has been coaching Lean Six Sigma professionals and executives for more than 17 years now. She is an experienced certified Master Black Belt and Lean Sensei (coach).

Iveta has been leading various business excellence transformations, programs and projects across different industries, functions and organisations in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, in the USA and in New Zealand. Driving behaviour changes for leading global corporations across functions, hierarchies, organisations and companies, she is extremely proud of what the teams, she had the opportunity to work with, achieved. As a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Coach, Iveta mentored more than 200 transactional and strategic projects and trained over 600 professionals in Lean, Six Sigma and other business excellence methods.

Since 2018 Iveta leads the Business Excellence Academy.

Iveta Gruttner, founder of the Business Excellence Academy

Iveta grüttner

Business excellence academy:

We bring to the table practical hands-on methods and approaches. Together with our clients, we grow, innovate and improve their businesses and competencies. As a result, our clients deliver greater value to customers, company owners, employees and other key stakeholders.