Delivering Results That Matter

Creating Actionable Strategy

Creating an inspiring vision and strategy, which other people follow, and turn into realities, is relevant to many of us. Strategizing is no longer a topic only for the executive board and strategy consultants. Virtually any internal corporate organization, such as HR, IT, Finance, Customer Service, a manufacturing site, a logistics department, or a Lean Six Sigma organization, to name few of them, needs to have a strategy to deliver continually demanding results. Companies usually have a well-formulated strategy. What seems to keep remaining a challenge is the strategy execution.

This educational module with a workshop character is focused on learning how to create an actionable strategy for an internal corporate organisations.


Why to participate

  • Enable results which matter
  • Align teams towards a common purpose
  • Win the necessary support from your sponsor and all key stakeholders for your program or a transformational journey
  • Turn your strategy into meaningful actions
  • Learn from others about their transformational journeys and associated challenges
  • Prepare for your Master Black Belt certification
  • Have fun while strategizing

Translate learnings from the course to create an actionable strategy for your program or organization.

Create an inspiring vision and a robust strategy for your Lean Six Sigma program, business transformation or your organization, so others can act easily upon. So; you can steer effectively and with fun.

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Uncover strategies, desires, concerns and expectations of all key stakeholder groups
  • Winn support from your key stakeholders
  • Create an inspiring vision and a winning strategy for your organisation or/and transformation
  • Define clear strategic objectives and targets
  • Identify concrete projects, programs and other initiatives, prioritise them, and agree on what must be done when
  • Validate strategic fit
  • Cascade the strategy and strategic actions throughout the organization
  • Enable your teams to turn the strategy into new realities

course duration:

2 days


The course is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Czech

typical participants:

  • Master Black Belts
  • Continual Improvement Deployment Leaders
  • Transformation Leaders
  • Program Managers
  • Strategy professionals
  • Department Heads
  • Site Managers
  • Company Owners
  • and others interested in defining inspiring strategies which get transferred into concrete actions and are executed


  • No prior specific knowledge required
  • Experience in a leadership or influencer role welcomed

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

— Jack Welch

The session is facilitated by an experienced change agent with nearly two decades of experience in business transformations and deploying Lean Six Sigma Programs in various sectors across continents.

in-house courses:

Do you prefer an in-house learning focused on your work environment? In that case, we come to your site, and tune the course to your business needs and schedule. 

In order to find out more about an in-house course at your desired location, please get in touch with us!

individual one-to-one courses:

Would you like to have the course just for you? Do you want to apply the theory on creating an actionable strategy for your organization directly in the course, and have an experienced change agent as a sparing partner?

Then; consider the individual one-to-one Creating Actionable Strategy course with the Business Excellence Academy. You learn the theory, and apply it on your own topic of interest right away.

In individual one-to-one courses we can also explore the methodology to tools, which are of a greater interest and application for you, in more depth. At the same time; we assist you to create a winning and actionable strategy for your own program, transformation, a Lean Six Sigma or other deployment, or for your organization in general.

Alternatively; we can facilitate a strategy workshop for your leadership team.


The Creating Actionable Strategy course is part of the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt education. The participation on the course is one of the requirements for the Master Black Belt certification.

To learn more about the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification or about other Master Black Belt education, please visit our  certification and education pages.