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Business Excellence Academy

At the Business Excellence Academy, we believe that continual improvement is a great enabler for business excellence. Especially, when every single employee contributes on daily basis. For this reason, we promote Continual Improvement for Everyone. Thus, CI4e or CI4everyone.

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Who are we


The Continual Improvement for Everyone (CI4e or CI4everyone) brand and this  website is operated by the Business Excellence Academy, s.r.o. We are a privately held company with a headquarter in the Czech Republic.

We bring to the table practical hands-on methods and approaches. Together with our clients, we grow, innovate and improve their businesses and competencies. As a result, our clients deliver greater value to customers, company owners, employees and other key stakeholders.


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Our Believes:

We believe that business success depends greatly on an outstanding delivery of the company purpose. With other words, on the strategy execution. Thus, we help our clients to deliver an exceptional value to customers and all involved. Ideally, everyone is engaged and contributes to achieving remarkable business results.

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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

— Halford E. Luccock (1885 – 1960)

Our Mission:


Bringing in practical hands-on methods and approaches, we work together with our clients and their teams to grow, innovate and improve their businesses, competencies and ways of working to deliver greater value to customers, company owners, employees, business partners, society and involved professionals.

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