Structured Problem Solving

Agile Lean Six Sigma

Agile project management and Lean Six Sigma methodologies include many effective tools and techniques, which work in any industry and functional area. They improve collaboration across silos. At the same time, they assist to turn problems and opportunities into solutions that work. As a result, implemented solutions generate a significant impact. Furthermore, solutions are designed to bring value to customers and to last.

Nowadays, problem solving and project management became core competencies in many professions. So, no wonder that agile project management and lean six sigma are becoming a norm.


Why is Lean Six Sigma Still Relevant?

Benefits for the company

  • Increase profitability through bottom-line financial results from Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Create more value for your customers
  • Boost customer and employee satisfaction
  • Improve quality of your products and services
  • Streamline and digitize your processes
  • Build trust and commitments for implementation while enhancing collaboration and teamwork
  • Deliver successful projects with measurable results
  • Sustain improvements long after the project closure

benefits for you

  • Advance your project and program management competencies
  • Raise your value on the employment market through recognised competencies and professional certification
  • Master a structured problem solving approach with advanced problem solving tools and methods

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.”

— W. Edwards Deming

what "belt" to go for?

Inspired by martial arts, Lean Six Sigma uses belts to distinguish experience levels. You might hear already about a Green Belt, Black Belt or other Six Sigma Belt. Each belt color represent a different role and experience in Lean Six Sigma. Explore brief definitions of each “belt” below.

At Business Excellence Academy we offer practical in-depth education for every level.

White Belt (WB) is an awareness course. Generally, they are not involved in the project work.

This is an entry practitioner level. Often, Yellow Belts participate on Green Belt projects as team members. They contribute to projects with their functional expertise. 

As a practitioner, Green Belt (GB) learns the method (DMAIC) in depth. Usually, they improve processes in their own functional area. Generally, those projects are completed within three months. 

Alternatively,  Green Belts serve as team members on Black Belt projects.

A more experienced practitioner is called Black Belt (BB). As (often) full-time project managers, they lead complex, cross-functional projects. Knowledgeable in statistics, they apply advanced analytical methods to solve problems. Besides leading projects, they might also train and coach Yellow and Green Belts.

This is the highest experience level in Lean Six Sigma. Master Black Belt (MBB) is an experienced program manager, trainer, coach and deployment leader. They orchestrate Lean Six Sigma effort to deliver business results for their organisations.

Successful Lean Six Sigma effort does not happen without supporting executives and managers. Known as champions or sponsors, they often oversee more projects at a time. Reviewing progress regularly, they remove roadblocks and otherwise support the project teams. In our opinion, they do deserve recognition too! That is why we introduce the Gold Belt.

How can you learn with us?

We offer class-room courses, certification, coaching and workshop facilitation for individuals and project teams.

Also, we are keen to help you with your Lean Six Sigma or other continual improvement program. As a result, you will have an initiative that is welcomed, delivers results and lasts.

Our objective is to make your learning easy, fun and successful in the end.

In our education programs we put a strong emphasis on the application. We work with our clients to transfer the learned methods into real-world situations. That is why our courses contain lots of exercises, case studies and examples from praxis.


Now; all courses delivered also




1. instructor-led courses:

We offer public classes, on-site courses in your location or individual one-to-one sessions currently in three languages, in English, German and Czech.

Education with easy understanding and practical application.
Master advanced methods while having fun,
and apply the learning to deliver results right away!

Explore our Lean Six Sigma education:

Learn more about DMAIC, one of the of Agile Lean Six Sigma method.

Type of Courses We Offer:

Public Course


On-Site Course

On-Site Session

One-to-One Course

One-to-One Session
  • Great option for training one person or couple people from your team
  • Absorbing perspectives from course participants from other companies
  • Stronger focus on learning outside the workplace
  • Recognise individuals with an external high-quality course, and increase their commitment
  • Course tuned to your organisation
  • Examples and application relevant to your industry and your business
  • Application of learned methods on projects already in the classroom
  • Can be coupled with coaching
  • No travel time for you and your team(s)
  • Rapid learning for individuals and teams
  • Recognising high-potential employees with personalised learning
  • Course tuned to your personal needs and interests
  • Teaching strongly couple with coaching 
  • Application of learned methods on your project directly in the classroom
  • Session(s) scheduled to your convenience

2. Lean Six Sigma coaching:

Applying advanced problem solving methods in real-world situations requires support. Our coaches are experienced Master Black Belt who has been practicing Lean Six Sigma for decades.

Our coaching sessions take place remotely or in the form of face-to-face meetings. Select a coaching package which suit you best.

Learn from a senior Master Black Belt
with real-life experience
who have been practicing Lean Six Sigma for decades
across regions, functions, industries and organizations.

Six Sigma basic coaching package with remote business coaching sessions
  • 10 hours remote coaching


Lean Six Sigma standard coaching package with remote and face-to-face business coaching sessions
  • 15 hours remote coaching
  • 1 face-to-face coaching day


Six Sigma premium coaching package remote and in person
  • 20 hours remote coaching
  • 2 face-to-face coaching days


All prices are VAT and travel costs exclusive.

Book your coaching package
together with a Green Belt,
Black Belt or Master Black Belt course,
and get 10% off!

To explore more our Coaching and Mentoring offerings, visit our Coaching page.

3. Lean Six Sigma certification:

In our opinion, exceptional competencies should be recognised. Especially, when professionals use them successfully in the real-life situations.

We are proud to certify talented project and program managers, who deliver results for their organisations. Currently, we certify Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts.

Learn more about our the professional Certifications:

– Green Belt Certification

– Black Belt Certification

– Master Black Belt Certification