Delivering Results That Matter

Operational Excellence Workshops


Nowadays, leaders are expected to deliver “more for less” again and again. As a matter of fact, many organisations had captured the low hanging fruits already years ago. Also, most of companies launched Digital Transformations and implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual customer service representatives and more. Still, there is more what can be done to achieve operational excellence.  

Regardless if you are a shared service, IT, HR, a production side, an operation at a bank, a hospital, corporate logistics or any other part of the business, operational excellence matters. After all, we all need to deliver results, and continually improve.

Join our Operational Excellence Exploration session
to get inspired while creating your
2025 Process or Operational Excellence strategy!

Our House of Operational Excellence

To delve into this topic in its full potential, we use our Operational Excellence Model. It is a comprehensive, and at the same time, practical approach with 14 building blocks. During our session we examine how to strengthen strategy execution capabilities.

Come to discuss real-life examples, and network with senior leaders in similar situations. Or, contact us for a private talk!

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Why to participate

  • Find out how to strengthen strategy implementation in your organisation
  • Explore what is operational excellence in its broad scope
  • Get inspired by variety of real-life examples
  • Learn practical tips and tricks to enhance daily operations
  • Find out how to get more from a large-scale transformations
  • Check where does your organisation stand in terms of process and operational excellence
  • Discuss challenges, roadblocks and key success factors
  • Identify concrete areas to enable operational excellence in your own organisation
  • Align as a team how to further improve and deliver business results that matter

Gather practical tips how to improve your operations.
From a quick change to a successful transformation.

Agenda HighlightS:

  • The House of Operational Excellence developed by the Business Excellence Academy
  • Customer Centricity
  • Actionable Strategy
  • Concrete and committed Plans of Action
  • Transparency and Fact-based KPI Dashboards
  • Hight-Performance Culture
  • Orchestrated Collaboration and Steering
  • Process, Project and Organisational Governance
  • Agility, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more on Digital
  • Overview of problem solving and improvement methods
  • Dealing with daily issues
  • Continual Improvement
  • Business Results

Session Duration:

Up to 4 days to cover the entire scope in depths, or split into a series of virtual workshops

Alternatively, you can shorten the duration to focus the exploration session on selected areas only based on your organisational needs.


The session is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Czech


  • An exploration session with many real-life examples and in-depth discussions on how to implement Operational Excellence successfully in praxis
  • Including, a self-evaluation where does your organisation stand in terms of Operational Excellence, and how to leverage it further

Typical Participants:

  • Process / Center of Excellence or Business Development Leaders
  • Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads of Operations, Delivery, Production and alike
  • Transformation Leads
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Senior Process Owners / Architects
Or, for a greater leverage;
  • Entire Process / Center of Excellence teams, or
  • Leadership teams
  • Management teams of an Operation, or alike

“Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water, every ship has a good captain.”

— Swedish proverb

Operational Excellence Virtual Workshops for Leaders from Operations and Process Excellence

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Do you prefer to explore the topic with leaders from other companies and industries? Then, request information on our next public session of the Operational Excellence Exploration Journey. This way, you can also delve into the topic first, prior engaging your team.

Interested to explore other our learning sessions? Then, please get in touch with us. Additionally, feel free to explore our training offerings.

The workshops consist of eight virtual sessions. They take placed on given days daily at the set time. In general, each workshop takes three hours. Participants will receive a link to join a virtual meeting.


8 Virtual Workshops,
3 Hrs. Each




In-house Session DeDicated to Your Team(s)


Do you rather engage your entire team from the start? So, you can align and discuss possible next steps as a team? In that case, get in touch with us to create an in-house session fitting to your needs. Altogether, we are glad to come to your site, and fine-tune the exploration journey to your objectives and schedule.

Also, as a series of Virtual Workshops.

Individual One-to-one Discussion on Operational Excellence

One-to-One Session

Alternatively, we can discuss operational excellence with you in a one-to-one meeting. So, you can decide how to guide your organisation further. Being keen to assist as well your organisation, we look forward to hearing from you!