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Ordering Your Coaching Package

Thank you for your interest in Business Excellence Academy Lean Six Sigma coaching!

We are looking forward very much to working with you.

Iveta Gruttner, founder of the Business Excellence Academy

Iveta Grüttner, Your Business Coach

Scheduling Your Coaching:

The time for individual coaching sessions will be scheduled between the coachee and coach based on their availability. The individual coaching sessions can be scheduled all in advance or one at the time as you need to. Nevertheless, to provide you with an availability which fits you best, we recommend to schedule the sessions in advance. Of course, you can adjust when needed.

Please note that all the coaching sessions should take place within the 12 months since the date of your order. You can schedule a coaching unit using time elements of 30 minutes.

Remote Coaching:

Coachee is to call the coach in the agreed time. You can call the coach on a phone line, set up a conference call providing the coach with a local number to dial in, or use Skype or another messenger available to you and your coach.


If you are not happy with your coaching, you can cancel it after your fist session at no costs.

Prices are VAT and travel exclusive, and all coaching sessions must take place within 12 months since your order. Basic Coaching package includes 10 hours of remote coaching. Standard Coaching package has 15 hours of remote coaching and 1 one-day face-to-face session. Premium Coaching package includes 20 hours of remote coaching with 2 one-day presence meetings.
Please include area and country code using only numbers. Thank you!
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As an authorised person; you confirm: (1) that you are booking the course(s) for yourself. (2) If the course(s) are being paid by a company, you also confirm herewith that you have all necessary internal approvals to place the order. (3) Additionally; you confirm that you are the age of 18 or more.

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