Lean Six Sigma offers a structured problem solving method. It turns problems into viable solutions that work. You put effective solutions in place, and generate measurable impact. Also; your solution will last over time.
Originally there were two major approaches: Lean Management and Six Sigma. Nowadays; professionals often combine them together. They run Lean Six Sigma improvement projects around the globe. Regardless of function, industry or type of the organisation.
With Business Excellence Academy you apply it effectively in real-world situations.
We offer training, coaching and certifications for all levels. Become Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt.
In our trainings we use case studies and examples from the praxis.
In coaching we discuss your own project. The coach is your sparing partner for the project or program. He or she provides you with practical tips and tricks. He or she helps you to apply Lean Six Sigma in praxis.
Business Excellence Academy certifications recognise exceptional experience with Lean Six Sigma application. Do you plan to learn this approach? Then; certify as Green Belt or Black Belt. Are you an experienced trainer, coach and program manager? In this case; go for our Master Black Belt certification!