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Our Business Excellence Academy CI4eEVENTs are focused on assisting leaders to strengthen their transformations, Continual Improvement Cultures and Operational Excellence. Does not matter if you are a Chief Executive, Head of a Supply Chain or People Organisation, a Head of Shared Service, Business Unit,  a Plan Manager or a department head, we hope you  will find our CI4eEVENTs valuable to grow your organisation further.

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Currently, we are offering the following CI4eEVENTs for Leaders:

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Architecting Digital Operations

Digital Transformations are ongoing in Human Resources, Supply Chains, Finance, Purchasing and many other operations. Join us to discuss how to digitalise successfully, deliver business results that matter and at the same time getting your teams comfortable with the new digital future.

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Adopting an Effective Continual Improvement Culture

Continual Improvement (CI) cultures are being established in organizations across industries. Still, it is not always easy to make them fully effective. Come to discuss how to adopt an CI culture that works on our free CI4eEVENT for leaders.

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Becoming a Value-Driven Customer-Centric Organisation

Customer Centricity is guiding corporate and marketing strategies. Still, as customers we do experience sometimes discomfort or hassle when being served. Is your organisation fully and truly customer centric? If you see some potential, or want to validate it, we are happy to assist you. Sign up for our CI4eEVENT on Value-Driven Customer Centricity!

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Registrations for the all CI4eEVENTs is via the LinkedIn platform. The registration email will be used strictly for the event invitation. You will receive a calendar invitation for the CI4eEVENT from us with information for a MS Teams meeting, and a reminder shortly before the event.

Please note that the CI4eEVENTs are dedicated to leaders, and the number of participants is limited.

CI4eEVENTS Being Planned

Furthermore, the following CI4eEVENTs are under consideration to be launched.

If you are interested for any of the topics below, please do let us know! Your information will be used strictly to let you know when the CI4eEVENT of your choice is being offered.

Creating an Actionable Organisational Strategy

Strategy is not relevant to corporate office only. Every organisation, incl. Supply Chains, HR, IT, Finance or Operations, do need to clearly set strategic directions and deliver successfully various strategic initiatives. Would you like to set your next organisational strategy, which gets also well done? Then, pre-register for our CI4eEVENT on Creating an Actionable Organisational Strategy.

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Currently, we are offering the following CI4eEVENTs for Leaders:

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